Friday, February 17, 2012

Distributing Your Press Release

There are many press release distribution websites on the internet but Business Wire and PR Newswire are the most popular place to distribute press release.

Business Wire and PR Newswire demand that you create an account or signup for membership with them before you can send out or distribute a press release with their service. I am going to use Business Wire as my illustration just because I am familiar with them. Regarding my customers, I will set up individual accounts, accompanied by a logo on file, a web address for their company internet site, along with a short company's background such as company address, public or private, CEO's name, as well as number of employees which can be associated with each press release from that customer.

Utilizing their Business Wire Connect web site, I can upload press releases from my home computer to the Business Wire newsroom, and choose the particular distribution channels by means of a click on the website. As soon as the press release is submitted through Business Wire connect, I will have a receipt on my computer's screen, in addition to a receipt which is delivered to me via e-mail. Right after the press release has cleared the wire or in other words the press release been sent out to the distribution network which I have selected, an additional e-mail or perhaps a phone call comes after informing me the details of wthat time it went out, as well as the code number which is assigned to the press release for tracking.

During twenty four hours of the press release distribution via Business Wire, I will be given a monitoring report from the company which allows me to know who received it, who opened it, and also who published it on their web site, etc.

There are many great resources regarding press release writing, among them is how to write press release.