Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wide Use of Energy-Saving Lamps

Recently in Beijing, major shopping centers are in the implementation of standards for public buildings, air conditioning temperature control, air-conditioning set at 26 degrees Celsius, in order to reduce power consumption to save energy. The people Ms. Chen found that the air temperature at the same time limit, in fact, there are other ways of energy saving and space, her collection to the Office of the Beijing Municipal Government proposed to make recommendations the people, shopping can reduce unnecessary lighting, use of more energy-saving lamp replacement power consumption of incandescent lamps, further saving power.

Mall lighting energy consumption Wangfujing Oriental Plaza in the basement of a large 10 square meters before the jewelry counter, bright jewelry calling in all directions from the lamp light the dazzling look. From the ceiling of the dome, to the counter where the variety of decorative lamps, large and small, nearly as many as 60. Glass cabinet counter lighting in the roasted some hot, cattle sales, Ms. reluctantly told reporters: "These lights will have opened every morning to open up, so at the counter on the day before the roast, it is very hot. "while in another the same counter sales of jewelry did not see the" roast "and the counter lights, a few delicate little glass reflects the soft light, the same jewelry set off to get crystal clear and quite charm. In a less than 40 square meters ONLY boutique, as much more than 60 light "little barrel" like lighting, crowded and lined up in the ceiling, lights shone bright clothes beautiful, middle of the room hanging from a crystal decoration lamp shining light.

Brand counter the phenomenon of people with flash lights in major shopping malls in Beijing more generally, in order to look stunning at throwing heavily, the clerk of the lighting as "This is part of the design shop, showing the brand's taste, is very important." Incandescent work in practice only 7-8% of the energy converted into visible light, more than 90% of the energy converted into heat, which is why customers and staff have a "bake up fast enough" feeling.

Great benefit to energy-saving lamps on the Market

Reduce heat lamps whether the impact on air conditioning? This issue's interview with professionals. Daikin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Beijing Sales Kihachiro Fujita, general manager told reporters, using incandescent and energy-saving lamps, power-hungry air-conditioning influence of the operation is different. Power concentrated especially in shopping malls and other places, as the air temperature set at 26 degrees Celsius, but because of the heat emitted incandescent much larger than the energy-saving lamps, more heat will be generated in the air conditioning off, air-conditioning to 26 degrees Celsius to return air temperature, the operation will need to do work faster, consuming more power. In addition to the use of energy-saving lamp energy saving lamp itself, the same time, air power can help.

Mr. Fujita said that in some European countries, incandescent lamps are prohibited. However, due to softer incandescent lighting effects from the perspective of professional design, decorative effect is indeed better than the energy-saving lamps, so now some of the local cost of electricity, or choose a more incandescent.

To promote energy-saving lamps from a cost point of view

Currently the major organs of units, shopping malls and other public buildings not only to limit the use of air-conditioning, some decorative lighting for the luxury as a "power predators." Many high-end stores in the lights are always on from 9 am to 9 pm, or even longer. Some shops in the mall in order to achieve stunning results on the blind pursuit of eye-catching light flash, bright, for the limited resources to do so asking too much. These shopping malls, supermarkets, the use of energy-saving lamps save energy efficient lighting products such as electricity, will be very alarming. Professional data, saving 80% energy saving than incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp life is 5 times the luminous efficiency is 3.5 times that of incandescent lamp. Although the cost was several times higher, but experts that the price gap can then be used to save them, and more cost-effective.

Yunnan this year will be in business to promote efficient lighting products 200 000, Provincial Economic Commission, deputy director of energy conservation technology service center to remind the hypermarket operator Dibo: Please carefully considered the cost of electricity, if the use of qualified, highly efficient energy-saving lamps, Under its savings offset the costs of procurement of electricity and, after two months can be expected to cost recovery; an energy-saving lamps in their lifetime, can save at least 173.4 yuan-based.

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